Green Funerals

Most of us, these days, have one eye on the environment and our impact on it and that includes funeral directors.

We are keen to protect the environment in every way. All of our wooden coffins and caskets are purchased from a manufacturer in the UK who is a member of the FSC and who sources their timber from renewable forests. Willow coffins are sourced for UK suppliers. Although, if requested, we do supply bamboo we are very conscious of the carbon footprint bamboo coffins and caskets leave. We embrace all new products within the industry that have a low impact on our beautiful world.

Woodland Burials are becoming more popular allowing the deceased to be buried in beautiful meadows or leafy woodland areas. Usually the burial grounds are kept as wild as possible with graves often marked with a tree or simple wooden marker. As with other funerals it is not necessary to have a religious ceremony. Whoever you wish can perform the service which would normally follow the pattern of a graveside gathering as Chapels are not always available on these sites.