Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning

Working with Golden Charter Funeral Plans we can offer a simple solution to meet all your needs. Get in touch to find out more. 

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Funeral Planning

We are pleased to offer you our Independent Way Funeral Plan from Golden Charter

Why should I buy a Funeral Plan?

Consideration for loved ones
Your thoughtfulness will relieve your grieving relatives of the financial strain and any worries about your funeral arrangements at a time of distress. Plus, you have the comfort of knowing that that the arrangements which you particularly want, including the type of funeral, venue, music choices, readings and even flowers will be carried out exactly as you wish

A guaranteed cost of Funeral Director Services
In the past 7 years disbursement which are part of your funeral costs have risen by 49%. These figures are only set to increase further.

Financial security
The reassurance gained from making arrangements in advance and escalating costs are the reasons why nearly a million people in Britain have taken out a funeral plan.

Savings set aside for funeral costs may have to be used to fund care thus leaving your estate with insufficient funds to meet your funeral expenses. This burden will then fall to your family.

Freedom of choice of funeral director
Unlike many plans on the market, a plan from golden Charter does not tie you to a particular chain of Funeral Directors and is completely portable. You have comprehensive freedom of choice and your plan can go with you wherever life takes you.
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