Burials and Cremation


Due to the high cost of land Cremation has become the more popular choice of funeral.
Our local crematorium in Tunbridge Wells with its beautiful grounds has a newly refurbished chapel which can seat a congregation of 90.
Although Tunbridge Wells is the closest Crematorium you may hold a Cremation anywhere and Cremated remains can be interred or scattered at any Crematorium even if the Cremation did not take place there. We have conducted Cremations as far away as Exeter, Solihull and Newcastle and are happy to advise you.


Our local Cemetery in Tonbridge has its own Service Chapel but not all Cemeteries do, so you may need to consider attending a local Church for the service or maybe a graveside ceremony

It also has a very pretty garden of remembrance and other areas set aside for the burial of Cremated remains.

There are only a few churchyards in the local area where burials can still take place and these are mostly restricted to those who resided in the parish at the time of their death.

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